ALWA is occupied with development, production and trade of resin systems, mainly for the tooling industries since here foundation in 1986. In combination with special filler mixtures complete application friendly systems are developed, which can be used in almost all areas of tooling for thermo- and duroplastic production.

A characteristic of all ALWA systems is the possibility, to made compact moulds of any desired volume. These constant developments resulted to patented, award winning systems.

High Tech Tooling Resin Systems used in the following Market Segments:

Injection Moulding Thermoplastics
Vacuum Forming Moulds up to 120 ºC Mould Temperature
up to 140 ºC Mould Temperature
up to 180 ºC Mould Temperature
Press Moulds SMC/BMC
Thermoplastics / GMT / Vulcanisation
Cold Press Moulds

Blow Moulds

ALWA-MOULD D / ATLAS M 130 are a two component resin based on methyl methacrylate, with fillers for the production of moulds. After addition of the hardener, the mixture sets up quickly at room temperature. A self indicated exothermic cures the mould. Two formulations are developed to provide optimal performance for the desired application. Any thickness and volume from 1 kg - 2000 kg can be cast in one pour. Easily machine able; good heat conductivity when copper lines are cast in; void-free moulds; excellent reproduction of details and low viscosity for easy pouring.

  • RIM
  • R-RIM
  • PU Foam Moulds
  • RTM Vacuum Pressure Injection Moulds
  • Laminated Moulds

Hot Casting Moulds

Easy handling and the excellent technical feature of ALWA-MOULD V open up a wide range of applications. Machining (drilling, grinding, milling) of the moulds can be carried out without any difficulties. Polishing of the surface is also possible. At a room temperature of approx 21°C the preparation sets within 30 min. Every volume can be cast. Post curing is not necessary.

  • EPS
  • EPP
  • EPE Moulds
  • Support Moulds
  • Copy Moulds
  • Cold Casting Moulds
  • Negatives
  • Milling Holders
  • Foundry Patterns
  • Core Boxes
  • Trail Casting
  • Moulded Parts
  • Prototype Parts
  • Art Casting